Pastoral System

Caring for our Students

We take pride in the high quality education we provide for our students and in the high quality of care, guidance and support that exist within the school community. We believe that each individual is equally important; we are committed to offering high quality opportunities and support to enable every individual to flourish during their time with us.

On entry to the school students are placed into tutor groups in which they will participate in tutor time activities as well as being taught Character and Culture. The Personal Tutor is central to the pastoral care and academic progress of our students. Their work is supported by a ‘Head of Year’ who works with the Personal Tutors and is responsible for the overall welfare, progress and development of students. Tutors meet their forms each morning, for registration and form activities.

Each student (and tutor group) belongs to one of four Houses currently named after famous British Olympians: Adlington, Ainslie, Hoy and Redgrave. On-going House activities and competitions inspire our students to work as part of a winning team; supporting, encouraging and enjoying each others unique contributions. Students’ achievements, progress and service to the school are rewarded with House points; the House with the highest total at the end of the year wins the coveted House Cup.

We have strong links with our local primary schools and a planned transition programme for new students puts them at ease, helps them make friends quickly and allows them to acquire the skills needed for successful learning. Close liaison with our partner primary schools is a very important part of this work and there are joint activities in a number of subject areas and a variety of exciting projects undertaken to facilitate the transition onwards to secondary school. Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with Personal Tutors and Heads of Houses as needed so we know how best to support your child during their time at Kineton.

Parents seeking more information on our pastoral system should contact Mr Gowney-Hedges. Day to day issues should be directed to your childs Personal Tutor or the Head of House.

Head of Year 7: Ms Chloe Stallwood
Head of Year 8: Mr Simon Ford
Head of Year 9: Dr Manpreet Singh
Head of Year 10: Mr Jonathan Mattacola
Head of Year 11: Mrs Louise Simpson