Free School Meals

Don’t miss out on Free School Meals.

It is simple to check whether you are entitled and to apply, you just need to call Warwickshire County Council on 01926 742060 or visit

Did you know….

Registering your child for Free School Meals gets extra money for the school.  The Government gives schools extra money to help children from lower income families and this funding is called a ‘Pupil Premium’.

Government statistics show that 18% of children in state schools in England are entitled to Free School Meals but that many don’t claim them.  If you are eligible for Free School Meals claiming will save you money and provide your child with a healthy balanced diet and the extra funding the school then receives will buy valuable resources for learning that will support your child’s education.

KHS operate a smart card system in the canteen so, for those children entitled, the money is simply preloaded onto a card that the child then uses to purchase food from the canteen. They choose what they want and no one except you and your child ever knows where the money has come from.

We understand that this is a sensitive issue and that parents can feel reluctant to claim but government data shows that the number of children eligible is on the increase. Even if you don’t want your child to have the school meal please still register as the school will still get the extra funding to support your child’s education.

Please take time to check whether you are eligible and if you are register to make sure your child doesn’t miss out.