Literacy at Kineton

Kineton High School Literacy vision statement

The fundamentals of literacy are imperative to the achievement of a rich a fulfilling life. These skills are used every day to make sense of the world and to communicate. By ensuring all our students have functional literacy skills, we are setting them up for the best chance at success in life. 

At Kineton High School we recognise that in order to improve literacy, we must be afforded the opportunity to practise. This will have a positive impact on our students’ self-esteem, behaviour for learning, attainment and motivation. 

Our literacy curriculum is designed to allow every student the chance to develop their vocabulary expression, oracy, comprehension and grammar. All of this will help to enhance and enrich the learning in all subjects and prepare our students for life beyond Kineton High School. 

Our literacy aims:

  • Create a whole school culture of the importance of literacy for staff and students alike
  • To embed literacy skills across all curriculum and to empower staff with the confidence to teach literacy in their subject areas
  • To monitor student progress in reading and to evaluate strategies for those identified as not making expected progress
  • To provide a range of intervention strategies for targeted students to help them attain the national standards for literacy e.g. literacy intervention groups, national tutoring programme, Fresh Start and Pass Fast
  • To develop student confidence to express themselves, through writing and through their speaking skills
  • To enhance student vocabulary and to lessen the vocabulary gap for disadvantaged students
  • To promote a love of reading for pleasure within our school through enrichment and staff promotion
  • To develop and exceed student potential above and beyond their chronological age for reading

We endeavour to meet our aims within 3 waves of support and development:

  Who for? What takes place?
Wave 1
(universal provision)
Every student
  • Inclusive teaching that acknowledges reading ages and supports literacy development
  • Promotion of reading for pleasure across the curriculum
  • Star reading test taken 3 times per year in order to monitor reading ages
  • Accelerated Reader programme for every student in Y7-9
  • Bedrock programme for every student in Y7-8
  • Library lessons for Y7-9 
  • Fortnightly Literacy focus in form time including tier two word builder
  • Specific events given whole school focus: eg World book day; Visits from authors 
Wave 2 Students who require additional literacy support in groups or on a one to one level
  • Pass Fast reading programme delivered in tutor times for paired reading
  • Literacy lessons delivered within the curriculum by SEN and English specialists
  • KS4 Foundation Skills is offered as an option subject for a small number of students
Wave 3 Students who have SEN in this area and require further help or support  Bespoke support as required through SEN provision and within classroom setting