Our Vision and Plan

Mission:  To Achieve Personal Best.

Values:   Ambition, Respect and Kindness



Our Vision

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for every member of the school community. Teaching at our school is inspiring, broad and varied, leading to students embracing learning with a determination to succeed and staff who are committed to delivering the personalised curriculum in innovative ways. Students meet our challenging expectations and often exceed them because of the excellent support services and monitoring systems in place. Our staff work closely together taking pride in knowing and treating all our students as individuals. The KHS ethos extends far beyond the school buildings because of the relationships, pride and sense of belonging nurtured within its family setting and the excellent partnerships with parents and the wider community. Students leave us as emotionally confident, ambitious and responsible young adults who have choices about their futures due to:

  • The expectation that every child will do their best
  • The broad, challenging and relevant curriculum
  • The memorable and exciting enrichment and leadership opportunities on offer
  • The individualised guidance and pastoral care given at all phases of learning
  • The development of life skills such as independence and resilience
  • The emphasis placed on the development of personal health, well-being and happiness.